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Headshot of Paul Welton, taken
              June 2013
Paul Welton is a highly motivated videographer who can plan, shoot and edit your business videos to the highest standards. By providing a full service himself, and avoiding the overheads of a large production team, he is able to achieve so much more for a given budget. And keep to a small footprint, filming with minimal interuption to your business activities.

Adding video to your website dramatically improves its recognition by search engines and its impact and effectiveness to the viewer.  See the importance of video.

Video Foundry can create professional videos for your website efficiently and economically.  The process is explained simply here.
Picture: Paul Nicholas Dyke
The following video comprises a selection of clips taken from videos produced by Video Foundry for a variety of purposes; business promotion, to record events or capture special interest activities. But all of them deal with transportation in one form or another, a subject that demands video to convey the sense of excitement and power that it embodies.

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