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Chroma Keying
Shooting either "on location" or in a studio? Both options are expensive! Searching for the right location is time consuming and the owners may not be amenable to providing the access you need. Building the set in the studio is a major task. When studio hire rates are considered, time is of the essence. Chroma keying offers an alternative - film your actors against a plain green background which is replaced in post production with a background of your choice.

Often the backgrounds will be a still image. But there are other exciting possibilities such as leveraging the creativity of a computer game to provide action backgrounds and stimulate the narrative flow. Here is an aviation related comedy that Video Foundry has created using X-Plane 11. The actual video is the first 3 1/2 minutes, and the rest is a "Making Of".

This is a non-commercial video and X-Plane 11, along with many other games has a dispensation in its user agreement to allow it to be used to create such videos. For client requested work, Video Foundry will obtain the commercial licences required.

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