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Filming with "available light" is a term applied to filming in which no special light sources are provided just for filming.  This can produce excellent results, with a natural look and requiring minimal setup time and resources. But it has its limitations.  Sometimes there is just not enough light to produce a satisfactory image even with the most of sensitive cameras. And it lacks flexibility. The positioning of your subject is dictated by the lighting conditions, and there may be no opportunity to create the lighting effects the production deserves. That is why Video Foundry has a range of both battery and mains powered lighting so as to be able to apply, where necessary, the industry standard, professional lighting techniques needed.  Typically, this would involve three-point lighting of interview subjects, and creating the mood lighting so essential to achieve the filming objectives.

The following photograph shows some of the mains powered lighting units. Of course, all these lights are covered by current PAT certification, details of which are included in the risk assessments prepared for each filming assignment.
Mains powered lighting used by
              Video Foundry

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