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Multi-Camera Filming Capability
The use of multiple cameras to film an event or performance has benefits well beyond the obvious. Of course, one needs multiple views in a film, but by capturing multiple views during a single take of a performance, the task of editing is made significantly easier, because cutting between views will not lead to the likelihood of continuity errors that can result when cutting between shots captured at different times.

Video Foundry uses advanced software with two capabilities of direct relevance to multi-camera editing:

  • Adobe Premiere-Pro for editing which has a multi-camera editing capability;

  • Plural Eyes from Red Giant for synchronisation which ensures that multiple video tracks and audio tracks are correctly synchronised. This unique software tool achieves this by autocorrelation of the multiple audio streams, a mathematical technique which identifies when there is a peak of correspondence between the tracks when they are in a specific time relationship.
Video Foundry currently used up to four different cameras:
Paul will use multiple cameras which make a world of difference to the finished video, by being able to cut between different views to produce a video that is watchable and engaging.

Paul normally uses these three professional cameras:
JVC GY-HM600E - main camera.
This modern HD camera has phenomenal low-light capability and approved by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) guidelines for broadcast use. See
JVC GY-HM100E - second camera This was the first JVC camera I purchased. It provides excellent image quality in HD yet is small and light so that it can be used unobtrusively.
JVC GY-HM150E - glidecam camera
Similar to the HM100 this camera is used on a glidecam to so as to combine agility in capturing the action with smooth fluid movement.
Canon 60D DSLR would also be used where appropriate. DSLRs have become the video camera of choice for many. Check out the following video to see why:

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