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Here are some quotes from people or organisations for whom I have made films, either individually or as part of a team.

To ensure that he can meet the demanding expectations of the clients of Video Foundry, Paul Welton has undertaken professional training.  A list of courses attended can be found here.

"Having thanked everyone who worked on the production, I wanted to thank you in particular.

Thank you for being so generous in holding the technical rehearsal, thank you for doing the crane vs. gimbal test, and thank you for being so so so generous with your equipment and expertise!

You're an awesome camera operator, sound recordist and generally great guy!"

Audrey Droisen, Director

"Thanks for your quick and professional effort on this.

I'll definitely call you guys again when I need a video of one of my plays. I hope we'll get to work together again some time soon."

Don Fried, Playwright and Producer

"It was a great pleasure working with Paul. He was professional throughout the whole of the making of our documentary and he gave great advice as to what would and wouldn't work on film and helped rewrite the script making it far more workable. He had a wealth of knowledge about camera angles and what would enhance the production and really made the whole project very slick. I used the word 'awesome' in light of his filming and editing skills on a number of occasions. We were all very impressed with the finished production. I would definitely recommend using Paul."

Suzanne Alford, Producer

"The film is just what I wanted. Something to record our heritage for posterity and which, hopefully, can be seen by generations to come."

Mayor's Secretary, Borough Council

"I just wanted to thank you for making your excellent video. We would love to put it on our website so we will be in touch about that."

Director, Solar Power Installation Company

"Please pass on my thanks to the members of your group for producing such a fine portrayal of the events as they unfolded. In my opinion the quality of the filming was superb and I have no doubt that you and your members are very gifted in the art of film making."

Past Mayor, Borough Council

"I thought that his movie was very well produced acted and directed. I also found the story to be quite believable."

IAC Affiliated Member

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