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Wedding Videos
Paul Welton M.M.Inst.V. is a qualified videographer who can apply his skills in filming and editing to the highest standards to any situation.  To allow you to judge for yourself whether his style is right for your occasion, please take a look at the following sample:

If the above was appealing, here are a few two minute tasters of some of the wedding videos he has created:

As an introduction to wedding videos and what to look out for, I recommend reading this excellent article: In the terminology of this article, Paul's style leans towards the documentary style, but cinematic techniques will be employed where appropriate. Typically, the service and speeches will be presented in long form with nearly all the proceedings captured, with other parts of the proceedings being presented in sufficient detail to capture their essence (short form).

As will be apparent from the samples above, Paul will use multiple cameras which make a world of difference to the finished video.  To follow the action, each camera needs to be adjusted periodically, and using multiple cameras allows the view to switch to a different camera when this happens, thereby maintaining continuity of action.  It is also invaluable to be able to cut between different views to produce a video that is watchable and engaging.

Paul normally uses these three professional cameras:
JVC GY-HM600E - main camera.
This modern HD camera has phenomenal low-light capability and approved by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) guidelines for broadcast use. See
JVC GY-HM100E - second camera This was the first JVC camera I purchased. It provides excellent image quality in HD yet is small and light so that it can be used unobtrusively.
JVC GY-HM150E - glidecam camera
Similar to the HM100 this camera is used on a glidecam to so as to combine agility in capturing the action with smooth fluid movement.
A DSLR would also be used where appropriate.

The very best results are obtained with two operators, but it is possible to obtain good results without a second operator in which case the second camera is set up to take a fixed static view.  Video Foundry has arrangements in place with other camera operators to be able to provide a second operator, though at additional cost.

Paul will edit your video with his professional editing skills gained through formal training, and using industry standard tools (Adobe Creative Cloud which includes Premiere Pro and After Effects) so that the result is more than a record of the day, but a viewing experience which allows you to forget that you are just watching a video and experience the emotions of the day afresh.

Paul Welton will work tirelessly throughout the day to capture as much of the proceedings as possible. Where practical this will include for example, the brides preparations at home, right through to the first dance.  The following prices apply to locations within 50 miles of Hemel Hempstead.

One operator £1800
Two operators £3200

Two copies of the finished DVD will be provided with on-body printed labels in DVD cases incorporating footage from the wedding so that they are a treasured memento in themselves.

To discuss further, check availability or to make a booking, please contact Video Foundry by either:
Phone: 01442 265149    Mobile: 07762 053018    e-mail:

Wedding Fayres

Wedding Fayres are a great way for suppliers and potential clients and discuss their requirements in a relaxed setting. Here are a couple of photos of Fayres we have exhibited at recently.
Stockwood Wedding Fayre

Bushey Wedding Fayre
Video Foundry at the
              Stockwood Wedding Fayre
Video Foundry at the
              Bushey Wedding Fayre

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